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9781472274410 Sweetness Water Harris

“The Sweetness of Water” by Nathan Harris

Set as the American Civil War is in it's closing stages in a town called Old Ox, in Georgia; the story is based on the relationship of local resident, and...

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9781784744632 French Braid Tyler

“French Braid” by Anne Tyler

A new novel by Anne Tyler is always a delight for her many fans, and they will not be disappointed by this story, once again set in Baltimore; all about...

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9781782277361 Land Snow Ashes

“The Land of Snow and Ashes” by Petra Rautiainen

There are not that many stories with Lapland and Finland as the location, which is why I selected to read this first novel by a Finnish author. With the two...

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9781529054583 Four Winds Hannah

“The Four Winds” By Kristin Hannah

Now out in paperback this unusual story is set in Texas in 1934 with events leading through to California in 1936; times of great hardship in America, the Great Depression,...

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Life Sentances Ocallaghan

“Life Sentences” by Billy O’Callaghan

An Irish story told over basically three generations, again recording the harsh life in Ireland after the famine, though in this case Independence of a century ago is not the...

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9780571368686 Small Things Keegan

“Small Things like These” by Claire Keegan

The much praised new book by Claire Keegan, an Irish writer well known for her short stories, who has in this compact novella produced something very befitting the title. It...

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