New Jigsaws have arrived!  These are just a few of the varied and beautiful designs – many more to see when you come into the shop.

Usbourne jigsaw and book sets for children also in stock.

9781474995740 Colours Jigsaw

“Colours Book & 25 piece Jigsaw

With simple, clear text and bright, beautiful illustrations introducing all the colours of the rainbow, this delightful book and jigsaw set is an ideal way for little children to have...

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9781474995764 Alphabet Jigsaw

“Alphabet Book & 25 piece Jigsaw”

Little children can have fun as they begin to learn all the letters of the alphabet with this book and jigsaw. Bright illustrations of animals, vehicles and more, along with...

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9781474998055 Cities World Jigsaw

“Cities of the World Book & 300 piece Jigsaw”

With bright illustrations and snappy introductions to each city, this charming book and jigsaw set is an ideal way for children to have fun learning the names and locations of...

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9781474992145 Tree Of Life Book Jigsaw Usborne

“Tree of Life Book & Jigsaw”

A colourful 300-piece puzzle featuring a graphic illustration of the tree of life, from microscopic bacteria to towering trees and sleepy sloths. It's accompanied by a book packed with information...

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9781474986908 Dinosaur Timeline Book Jigsaw 00 Pieces

“Usborne Book & Jigsaw Dinosaur Timeline”

Discover the amazing age of dinosaurs with this 300-piece jigsaw and fold-out dinosaur timeline. A sturdy gift box contains a stylishly-illustrated jigsaw showing a selection of dinosaurs - all with...

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