Our Story


Long ago in 1999 alison’s bookshop opened on the High Street of the pretty and historic market town of Tewkesbury.

Ian Nicholson had searched far and wide over hills and dales for the right location in which to realise his dream of having his own bookshop.

When finally he discovered the perfect place, although in somewhat dilapidated state on the High Street of Tewkesbury, he could see that his long quest had come to an end.

“Hooray!” Ian exclaimed, “at last this is it, this is where I will start my bookshop”, He was really quite overjoyed at the thought. “These two shops look rather scruffy at the moment but with a bit of love and attention they will soon be a wonderful shop full of exciting and beautiful books!” He was very happy.

But there was a great deal of work that needed to be done to make a real bookshop. The building really was in a bad way.

First of all, there was the lack of a staircase to sort out as clearly getting up to the first floor was going to be a problem without one.

Then came other complicated stuff like propping up ceilings, laying new floors, getting rid of rot, new windows, plastering, painting, not forgetting installing the shelving and counter … the list was extensive and it all took a very – long – time.

Lastly, and most exciting so far, the books arrived! Boxes and boxes of marvellous books that had to be sorted and arranged.

When all the work was done and the shelves were full of books, “Perfect” said Ian with a large smile on his face. “Some things really are worth waiting for and alison’s bookshop is one of them!”

Now everything was ready and the customers came to alison’s bookshop and when they came they said really lovely things that made Ian even happier and he knew that Tewkesbury was the right place for alison’s.

Many years have passed since alison’s bookshop opened and if you go inside you will still find shelves of beautiful books and lots of other interesting things as well. Ian will still be behind the counter and ready to help, happy in his bookshop.

Not The End because the story of alison’s bookshop carries on…