Ian’s Read & Recommended

If you are looking for an idea of what to read, maybe an author you haven’t discovered or read before, here are some books that I have enjoyed.

These recommendations are mainly taken from contributions we have made to Tewkesbury Direct,
and some other reviews.

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9781529112276 Islands Of Mercy Tremain

“Islands of Mercy” by Rose Tremain

A story set in 1865, told across two time zones; two quite separate but connected lives revealed to the reader. Jane Adeane, a doctor's daughter and nurse resides in Bath...

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9781782275800 Island Jacobsen

“Island” BY Siri Jacobsen

I selected this book not by having read any UK reviews, but by lucky chance having seen the location and therefore subject matter; The Faroe Islands. I thought I had...

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9780349701479 The Vanishing Half Brit Bennett

“The Vanishing Half” by Brit Bennett

This book has been a best seller in the States, and justifiably so. It covers an unusual angle of American society, as it follows the lives of twin sisters, Stella...

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9781529112139 Actress Anne Enright

“Actress” by Anne Enright

This is a very good novel; it is in effect two life stories, told simultaneously, as they interlink. It again shows Anne Enright, one of Ireland's leading authors to be...

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9781471188961 Here We Are Graham Swift

“Here we are” by Graham Swift

This latest novel by Graham Swift, probably best known for "Waterland" and "Last orders", is a succinct read primarily based in Brighton during the summer of 1959. Three main characters,...

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9781782277538 At Night All Blood Is Black David Diop

“At night all Blood in Black” by David Diop

This short novel certainly justified being shortlisted for the 2021 International Booker prize. It is evocatively written and is very much a book of two halves. The judges have now...

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