Ian’s Read & Recommended

If you are looking for an idea of what to read, maybe an author you haven’t discovered or read before, here are some books that I have enjoyed.

These recommendations are mainly taken from contributions we have made to Tewkesbury Direct,
and some other reviews.

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The Shadow King Maaza Mengiste 9781838851170

“The Shadow King” by Maaza Mengiste

This is my choice as my Book of the Year for 2020, which I thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself into during the closing weeks of last year. It offers the reader a...

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The Glovemaker By Ann Weisgarber

“The Glovemaker” by Ann Weisgarber

I have often been asked when the next book by Ann Weisberger would be available. That it is now answered, and the delay since her last novel, "The Promise" in...

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A Stranger City By Linda Grant

“A Stranger City” by Linda Grant

The City of the title is London, the principle individuals, a mixture of Londoners, and immigrants, and an Irish nurse, Chrissie. She is, in many respects, the main focus of...

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The Unseen By Roy Jacobsen

“The Unseen” and “White Shadow” by Roy Jacobsen

During the Spring lockdown I caught up on reading one book which I had put aside and never managed to pick up and read. This was by the Norwegian prize...

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Inland (2019) Author: Téa Obreht

“Inland” by Tea Obreht

This is a very unusual story, partially why I selected to read it, as the blurb had intrigued me. In fact, I think that the brief synopsis "In the lawless,...

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The Shepherd's Hut By Tim Winton

“The Shepherd’s Hut” by Tim Winton

The shepherd's hut of the title is the location where Jaxie Clackton, a teenage boy ends up after a series of initial events that are covered in the first part...

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