Ian’s Read & Recommended

If you are looking for an idea for you next book – maybe an author you haven’t discovered or read before, here are some titles that I have enjoyed.

These recommendations are mainly taken from contributions we have made to Tewkesbury Direct,
and some other reviews.

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9780861540013 The New Wilderness Diane Cook

“The New Wilderness” by Diane Cook

This is a book I have been meaning to pick up and read ever since it was short-listed for the 2020 Booker Prize. There are always reasons when, being surrounded...

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9781911590583 Dinner Gilmartin

“Dinner Party” by Sarah Gilmartin

Dublin Halloween 2018. Siblings meet up for a dinner party, an annual memorial meal. Not necessarily a happy occasion and this year, it transpires, less so than others. Kate Gleeson...

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9781408871850 Man Krauss

“To be a Man” by Nicole Krauss

This is a selection of ten short stories originally published over an eighteen year period in various journals. Nicole Krauss is a very gifted writer, her last novel "Forest Dark"...

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9781784704070 Snow Faulks

“Snow Country” by Sebastian Faulkes

Sebastian Faulks' latest novel is based in Austria, with three specific time periods forming the structure of this good story. Anton Heideck arrives in Vienna as a student, with ambitions...

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9780241970584 Magician Toibin

“The Magician” by Colm Toibin

This is a very readable fictionalised biography of Thomas Mann, the German author of "A Death in Venice" amongst many other early 20th century classics. Mann being the Magician of...

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9781472274410 Sweetness Water Harris

“The Sweetness of Water” by Nathan Harris

Set as the American Civil War is in it's closing stages in a town called Old Ox, in Georgia; the story is based on the relationship of local resident, and...

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